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Bandcamp Friday: Our Recs for April

By Clare Martin

Happy Bandcamp Friday! Honestly, if there’s anything good to come from the seemingly unending pandemic, it has to be Bandcamp’s decision to waive their cut on every first Friday of the month (more specifically, 8am GMT Friday to 8am GMT Saturday). We love buying music and band merch, and it’s even better knowing that every penny is going towards the artist.

Bandcamp Friday is handy for supporting your favourite musicians or finding new artists to love. We couldn’t possibly hope to cover every single Irish act selling their tracks and wares today, but we’re highlighting some below in case you need help narrowing down your purchasing decisions. 

Aoife Nessa Frances

Fresh off her appearance at SXSW 2021, Aoife Nessa Frances has plenty of merch to offer: t-shirts, tote bags, vinyl, and CDs. The limited edition white vinyl pressing of the singer/songwriter’s debut album Land of No Junction is definitely not one to sleep on. 

Beauty Sleep

Besides CDs of their debut album Be Kind, Belfast duo Beauty Sleep are also selling prints of the record’s cover art on Bandcamp. They’re bright and colourful and even sport a hand-painted “reminder to be kinder to yourself” on the back.


We’re staying in the North but heading over to Derry, where pop-punk group Cherym are selling their super cool “Abigail” t-shirts (which come with unlimited streams and downloads of the single). 


“I Love You But I’m In A Bad….Mood” is a pretty universal feeling, and also the name of Dublin-based Jafaris’ 2020 EP. The hip hop artist is selling face masks and jumpers emblazoned with the EP title, as well as vinyl of his celebrated debut album STRIDE.


If you haven’t listened to JyellowL’s stellar debut album 2020 D|Vision, now’s your chance to pick up a copy of the record on vinyl. The rapper also has face masks and prints of the atmospheric album cover art on the go. 


“Ghost a post-punk boy today” are words to live by, which is why M(h)aol put this timeless mantra on a tote for you to purchase. 

Problem Patterns

Belfast four-piece Problem Patterns are selling their 20-page zine Good For You, Aren’t You Late?, as well as a “Big Shouty” bundle of a cute t-shirt and the titular digital track. 


Pop-funk group Toshín are a joy to behold and to rep in the t-shirts they’re offering today. The Dublin band are also selling tote bags with “Get Your Life” written on them.

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