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Ra Gerra Touch on Grit and Societal Expectations on Latest Single “Pressure”

By Clare Martin

Ra Gerra comes from the minds of Limerick rapper and singer Mawuli Boevi, better known as MuRli, and Dublin electronic artist and producer Seán Arthur, who performs as Kobina. 

The duo have teamed up for their second single “Pressure,” which puts you on edge from the start. Its angular, unsettling beginning is propelled forward by the beat building in the background, channelling the feeling of having to persevere despite the world crashing down around you. 

Kobina, who’s currently living in Amsterdam, came up with the song during “pretty low point for me, personally.” 

“The world felt particularly chaotic and I wrote it with the intention of reflecting that,” he says. “Although musically it’s made of pretty disparate components, I wanted there to be a sense of momentum and drive, to reflect the feeling of how sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and get through another day. Later in the song some new elements appear, manifesting a crack of light, an undercurrent of optimism.”

MuRli’s lyrics on the track are as cutting as ever, with the same emotional resonance and cleverness that characterised his critically acclaimed EPs Surface Tension and Till The Wheels Fall Off.

Speaking about the new single, MuRli explains, “It’s often said that pressure produces diamond, and while that may be true, the crushing is still painful and ultimately there’s little guarantee that the outcome would indeed be a precious stone. It takes courage, endurance and vision. This is a little reflection as we draw our own blueprint out of the pressure.”

So much of this last year has included calls from the government for us to be resilient in the face of adversity. Society still expects us to be succeeding or meeting goals while life as we know it falls away. Most days, though, we feel lucky just to survive. Ra Gerra perfectly capture that emotion on their latest release.

Listen to “Pressure” below.




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