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Tebi Rex and ROE Branch Out on New Single “Hanging With Trees”

By Clare Martin

Kildare hip-hop duo Tebi Rex have mastered that delicate balance between making us laugh and speaking to personal pain, a keen emotional intelligence that sets them apart. Their latest track “Hanging With Trees,” off their second album, is a perfect example of this. The pair say that the song is about “a talking tree who gives really good advice…she can be a bit blunt though.”

Derry native ROE sings sweetly over the intro, eventually joined by Matt O of Tebi Rex. Their voices climb together gracefully before the hilariously iconic line, “You’re in her DMs but I’m in her Discover Weekly, so we are not the same,” followed by a chest-rattling beat drop for the ages. Max Zanga’s lyrics are as blistering as ever, with a laugh-or-else-you’ll-cry edge to them: “Eating my emotions / That trauma shit / Tasty.”

Tebi Rex are at the top of their game these days. They’ve already played at Eurosonic and SXSW this year. If “Hanging With Trees” is any indication, their second album is one to watch out for.

Listen to “Hanging With Trees” below.




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